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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Will the SELF Load Binder get my chain as tight as a ratchet binder?

A) Yes. The SELF binder creates high tension very quickly. Avoid prolonged rattling of the impact wrench after adequate tension is achieved to avoid unnecessary wear & tear.

Q) I don’t own an impact wrench. Can I operate my SELF Binder with a drill?

A) No. A drill does not provide sufficient torque. Also, because a drill does not back off after it meets resistance, it presents the potential for injury. Use either an 1/2″ drive high torque impact wrench or a hand ratchet to operate your SELF Load Binder.

Q) Will the SELF binder create chain twist?

A) No. Unlike a ratchet binder, the SELF binder draws the chain tight without creating chain twist.

Q) Is it OK to use a hammer to set my wedging tab?

A) No. The wedging tab should be set by briefly rattling the impact wrench while simultaneously holding the wedging tab in place against the barrel. Note that if you have over-tightened the chain, the barrel can no longer turn enough to set the wedge. You may need to back the binder off very slightly, then re-attempt to set your tab.

Q) Why is my Wedging tab backing off or wiggling loose?

A) Make sure to rattle your impact wrench after you hand-tighten the Wedging tab*. Rattling the wrench turns the barrel to set the wedge. Once the Wedging tab is properly set you will be unable to turn it with your hand.

*Note: if your binder did not come with 2 right hand tabs and an anti-vibration washer, please contact us at 541.388.2203, or email us.


Q) My binder doesn’t seem to be getting the chain tight.

A)  If adequate tension is not being achieved, it is probable that the operator is attempting to use a drill. The SELF binder cannot be operated with a drill. The SELF binder should be operated with a high-torque 1/2″ drive impact wrench or a hand ratchet.

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