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SELF® Load Binder

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Whether you are an experienced flat-bedder or new to hauling, the SELF® (Safe, Easy, Light, Fast®) Load Binder should be on your headache rack. The SELF® Binder’s handle-free design makes it easy to position, easy to use, and easy to stow.

Built To Last
Tested by the equipment rentals industry & proven to withstand multiple on & off cycles daily with year-round use in extreme weather conditions.

Love Your SELF® Guarantee
If you don’t love your SELF® Load Binder, send it back to us within 30 days of purchase & receive a full refund (minus shipping).

The SELF® Load Binder can be operated with either a 1/2" drive impact wrench or a hand ratchet.

Other Applications
The SELF® Binder is also used as a replacement for ratchet binders or turnbuckles in many industrial settings due to its precise take-up capability & safe, easy-to-use design. Here are just a few of the industrial applications our customers have found:

  • Steel foundries - used as a ratchet binder replacement for tightening molds
  • Equipment manufacturing - used to position materials during welding

Easy to Maintain
Re-grease gears as needed. Apply spray lubricant to threads occasionally / as needed.

Affordable Replacement Parts
Should any part of your binder become lost or damaged, replacement parts are affordably priced. Please call to order replacement parts.

Meets or exceeds requirements of US DOT FMCSA Part 393 Subpart 1

7 reviews for SELF® Load Binder

  1. Waterboy Waterwooks (verified owner)

    What a great product. It saves me time and hassle and all my guys love them too. Hands down I will never return to the ratchet binders. (Submitted via Facebook)

  2. Malissa Howell (verified owner)

    I swear by these binders and this company!
    I ordered 3 of them at first to test them out as I haul suicide coils very often and was a little worried they might just be hype but holy cow. not only did they work better then my ratchet binders but they were soooooooo much faster. I love them so much I ordered 3 more as well. I plan to order another 3 next month so that I have the full 9 for my trailer. best part was when i called about the bolts and nuts vibrating them self loose, Lucy with self load binders was very quick to correct the situation and send out the new longer bolts that they had just switched to with lock tight nuts and overnighted them to the terminal I run out of in TN. best customer service hands down. she even called back a couple weeks later to check how those bolts were holding up and how the binders were working out. hell even when I first was ordering she went the extra steps to call other drivers to find out what drill worked best so far. I ended up going for the biggest one far beyond what they said drivers were using and I don’t regret it as it makes it’s super fast and easy to get on and off. Milwaukee 1400 ft lbs torque is definitely the way to go. thank you self load binders and Lucy for being freaking awesome!

  3. Mike Rich (verified owner)

    This is the best item on my trailer. These work every time and are pretty much bullet proof. Thanks for a great product.

  4. Carl kellogg (verified owner)

    bought these couple years ago. swear by them. we use them on our HD tow truck for securing semis to our wheel lift. BEST INVESTMENT!!

  5. JOHN (verified owner)

    These things are awesome! I own my own towing company in Puyallup WA. I bought four of them for my lowboy/bus hauler. They’re insanely faster then traditional binders. We had the first unit secured in a fraction of the time that it would normally take. This is better for us because we are generally on the side of the road with traffic buzzing by at a high rate of speed. Amazing product! I’m going to order two more for my 30 ton wrecker.

  6. Drew (verified owner)

    These things are AMAZING! The days of hand ratcheting only to run out of threads are gone… Now i can ratchet loads down in a zip!! Thank you for the great product.

  7. James Anderson (verified owner)

    These are the best binders I have used Saves on time and so much faster especially when it’s 100 degrees outside. Try these you won’t be disappointed!

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